Lighthouse Information Systems
Integration Strategies & IS
Peter C. Adams, CEO & Founder

I have known and worked with Howard Dernehl since the late 1990’s.  Howard has unique skills in marketing that have been very effective for us.  Howard not only understands marketing, but he also understands business development.  He has a very methodical, logical, scientific approach that produces results.  Howard has always been extremely generous, insightful, and careful to make sure I derived value from our work together.  In a nutshell, Howard is very effective at producing meaningful results.

Now that he has established Howard Dernehl Consulting I look forward to continuing his engagement and getting even more of his time to help me continue to grow and thrive.



SKMurphy, Inc.
Early Customers & Early Revenue for Technology Firms
Sean Murphy, CEO

Howard has worked with SKMurphy in many group meetings over the years. We have found his analysis and understanding of business innovation, marketing strategy development and product planning to be insightful and practical. We have now engaged him for refinement and development of new marketing collateral for one of our clients, a cloud service provider, and we are impressed with his quick grasp of the target market and his design of a much-improved product messaging framework. We enjoy working with Howard and highly recommend his consulting services to design and implement go-to-market strategies.